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Benbaala Farms, owned and run by Travis and Julia Cox, is located 4km east of Katunga on the Goulburn Valley Highway. The property is supplied with irrigation water from GMW channels.

It covers an area of 388ha, of which 320ha is irrigated.

Farming Enterprise

Travis and Julia operate a substantial, modern dairy operation and have a very clear focus on the improvements needed to keep pace with changing climate and industry conditions they have been experiencing.

They place great emphasis on the need for flexibility in crop production and the potential that the new system can bring to the “cut and carry” part of their operation. The property now combines upgraded spray pasture production with flood irrigated zones – some of which are now being targeted for future upgrade to spray.

IEP is particularly pleased to report that the Cox family have noticed important improvements in lifestyle and quality of life arising from the OFIEP installation.

Travis now spends significantly less time managing water around the property and now feels more able to delegate operation of this equipment to farm staff.

This has translated into more time at home with his family – something that is clearly very valued on this farm.

Both are very confident the farm will see improved yields and more security of pasture outcomes now that the flexibility involved with the system is at their disposal.

Project Description

The Cox Farm project involved the decommissioning of 129ha of flood irrigation layout and the installation of one lateral move irrigator, construction of a 1,834m lateral channel and associated pipework. The project also involved the erection of new fence lines and laneways, vegetation removal, installation of a stock watering system and final soil preparation.

The new spray system will be used to irrigate perennial pastures to supply the dairy herd. The project will save in the order of 516Ml each year which is the equivalent of just over 4ML/ha.

Report Card

  • Estimated Water Savings of 4ML/ha.

  • Improved crop yield and consistency.

  • Total of 516ML of water transferred to the Commonwealth

  • Significant savings in time and labour

  • High quality of life values.