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AAMK Pastoral Pty Ltd, owned and managed by Lloyd Walpole, is located 15km north of Nathalia. Irrigation supply to the property is via Goulburn Murray Water channel system.

The property covers an area of 128ha – with 100ha being irrigated.

Project Description

The Walpole Farm project involved the decommissioning of 23ha of flood irrigation layout and the installation of one centre pivot, with associated pipelines and pump set. The project also included the construction of a storage dam, and the connection of a new power supply.

The new spray system will be used to irrigate Lucerne pastures to supply the dairy herd. Due to the light soils under the project area, it is estimated that the spray system will generate in the order of 138ML each year which is the equivalent of just over 6ML/ha.

Report Card

  • Estimated Water Savings of 6ML/ha.

  • Total water savings estimated at 138ML.

  • Total of 103ML of water transferred to the Commonwealth.