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David Gilbert owns and operates a farm 2km north-east of Picola. The property is supplied with irrigation water from GMW channels and covers an area of 259ha of which 150ha is irrigated.

Project Description

The Gilbert Farm project involved the decommissioning of 84ha of existing flood irrigation layout and the installation of one centre pivot irrigator, with associated pipe work and pump. The project also involved the erection of a new fence line and ground preparation under the pivot.

The new spray system will be used to irrigate Lucerne, replacing the existing rye grass pastures. It has been estimated that the project will save in the order of 90ML each year which is the equivalent of 3ML/ha.

Report Card

  • Estimated Water Savings of 2ML/ha.

  • Total water savings of 168ML.

  • Ability to grown Lucerne pastures.

  • Total of 168ML of water transferred to the Commonwealth.