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The Landale farm is located 25km north-east of Deniliquin on Lindifferon Lane. Irrigation supply is through the Murray Irrigation Ltd channel system.

Farming enterprise

Rob Landale took over the enterprise from his father some years ago. It had previously been a rice growing enterprise but he has now redirected the farms to cereal wheat.

This Round 2 IEP installation complements an earlier lateral pivot unit provided under Round 1 through Murray Irrigation Limited.

The Landale farm now has a significant area under overhead spray. Rob Landale is responsible for marketing his own crop and has a keen sense of cost and returns of yield to labour, water and energy inputs.

Rob Landale also reports significant labour savings and productivity bonuses from using spray technology to apply the water to his property. He says that “watering paddocks the old way on this scale had simply become unviable”.

The Landale property is 3,000ha in area of which 2,000ha is irrigated. Cropping systems involve both winter cereals and rice. Canola production will form an important part of the cropping rotation under the new spray irrigation systems.

Project description

The Landale project involved the decommissioning of 288ha of existing contour and border check flood irrigation layout and the installation of two towable centre pivot irrigators, both capable of covering a 72ha circle. In total four circles will be irrigated covering a total irrigated area of 288ha.

The project included the installation of underground pipeline, two new pumps and pump stations, and the development of a 100ML storage dam.

It was estimated that the project would generate in the order of 1,074ML of water savings each year, with 660 shares of general security entitlement transferred to the Australian Government in return for project funding.

Report card

  • Major savings in time and labour associated with water management
  • Improved profitability and diversity of crop production
  • Significant water savings of over 4ML/ha
  • Improved security for crop planting and growing